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At Brown Veterinary Hospital we also offer short-term boarding that not only houses perfectly healthy pets, but also those who are not in such perfect shape. We have the ability to care for pets that are diabetic, arthritic, and much more. We require vaccinations be up to date, for your pet's protection. DHLP-PCV (Distemper), Rabies 1 or 3 year, Canine Influenza, Bordetella (within six months of your pet's stay).

Your pet will have their own kennel with water and a blanket to keep them warm and a run to play in all day that is approximately 12 foot by 3 foot. We do require a reservation even if it is only a couple of hours ahead! We also offer bath services which includes: Stripping the Undercoat (that hair that is all over your clothing and furniture), Bath, Nail clipping, Expression of the Anal Glands, Minor ear cleaning, (Minor clipping of rear end and belly is offered at extra charge). You are more than welcome to tour our kennel from 3:30 to 4:30pm Mon-Sat.

Pick up and drop off is not complicated. When you come in to drop off your pet, you may do so during regular business hours, you will be asked if your pet has any special food or medication. You will then be asked to explain instructions for those medications and foods. They will ask for an emergency contact phone number that someone who can consent to treatment, should we need to, during your pet's stay. This could be your cell phone or a family member or friend. You will then be asked to sign a release that states if your pet is hurt or becomes ill while it is with us it is okay for us to treat the pet. Of course we will try to call you prior to administering any treatment, but this is helpful in case of a life threatening emergency during your pets stay.

On the day you pick your pet up please give us a call around 8am. We like to make sure that all pets are clean and dry when we send them home and as we all know accidents happen. When you call the receptionist she will ask for your last name and the pet's name, she will then check the bath list to see if your pet needs a bath and what time the kennel staff expects your pet to be dry and ready to go home. It is especially important to call us if you have scheduled a bath service for your pet while it is boarding.